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Fall Guys fruit rolls

Covid continues, but the surge appears to have tailed off some. I guess this is the new normal until one of the many "almost-there" vaccines works out.

Covid volleyball event summer

Erik recently had his pool resurfaced with (approving nod) fiberglass. This may be in my future, so I'm going to go check it out when he hosts an unofficial League of Sport pool vball event. His flyer really encompasses August 2020 and demonstrates a photoshop ability I never knew he had.

Pandemic Legacy in emojis

The Unnatural Ones are naturally still on hiatus; four dudes in Mark's office is simply not responsible. Plus we already maxed out our irresponsiblity with that use of emoji.

And finally, Rob sent me a hacker news post linking to a post titled "Hunting the Nearly-Invisible Personal Website". Smh at that flex.

The personal website is a somewhat mysterious animal that lives mostly unobserved in the jungle of the Internet. A few inexperienced Internet users who live completely within the golden-walled gardens of Facebook and Google may not even be aware of the species' existence. Other inexperienced users may consider the personal website to be either extinct, like brontosaurus, or a myth, like Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman. The truth is that many specimens exist in the wild, but in order to successfully hunt the personal website, a hunter must know the habits of this species well.

The black-on-pink colorscheme and overextended metaphor led me to believe it was a legitimate peer of this particular dark corner of the internet. Few things:
Hilariously, barring a really deep metaphor, there's no mention of aggregators such as the one Rob linked or the top comment newsletter that makes blog hunting a hobby (view without subscribing).
New weps

First confirmed kill
Oh nice. Those are fun and useful in the kitchen.
Haha! Bam! Spice it up a notch
Holy shit.
3d print a spice weasel skin for that salt shooter.
We'll make thousands.
Might as well print money Cattle
Hot damn
In the mean time, what kind of rail systems are you looking at?
I got a 6x on it
And a salt loop
Nothing for recoil? Man's man.
I hip fire
Use an inverted periscope to see through the 6x
Lmao Kshot
Omg I need a drawing.
Risk of Rain 2 release

Risk of Rain 2 boss Mithrix

Months after playing the game in pre-release, RoR2 finally went 1.0, adding a final boss that we have only tried to beat once.

Risk of Rain 2 scrap

In addition to items and levels, the really neat addition is scrap. Before, a 3d printer (trade random item you have for a known output item) was a crap shoot, now you can shred items you don't need and they are the first thing to be printed. It's a great way to focus your build, and has the balancing effect of making you carry inert scrap around between finding the scrapper and the 3d printer.

Speaking of focus...

We've had some pretty good runs on regular difficulty, but haven't yet beaten the curve.

Risk of Rain 2 party shaft torch gold coast

We call the rock near Aurelionite's spawn Party Rock. This run had Party Pillar.
Fall Guys

Fall Guys log roll

The lolbaters (and Jes) have also given the new meme game a try.

Like the video says: Mario Party + MXC + Ninja Warrior + Rocket League. Not a ton of levels though.

Fall Guys ring

Divinity Original Sin 2 epilogue ancient empire

After a pretty substantial campaign, J and I finally finished Divinity II. A brief (gameplay spoiler) recap of our journey:

Divinity Original Sin 2 Lohse The Red Prince

We got some neat new spells and abilities.

Divinity Original Sin 2 wines

We raided a wine cellar.

Divinity Original Sin 2 tree lots and lots of effects

We destroyed the last sentient tree... which I think was good cause it wanted to kill all non-elves(?!?).

Divinity Original Sin 2 harbor Arx

We fought a kraken.

Divinity Original Sin 2 combat

We fought some really heinous battles, including the one where enemies respawn as long as there's (difficult to extinguish) cursed fire... and their attack creates cursed fire.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Gareth Arhu dialogue

We read some funny callbacks to the first game.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Adramalik souls candles

J extinguished the souls of like a zillion people/candles in order to *weaken* an enemy. Smdh.

Divinity Original Sin 2 final battle dragon

We hid in the corner while a dragon fought the final boss...

Divinity Original Sin 2 final battle leviathan

...and his pet kraken.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Kraken Leviathan

Really though, the final battle was pretty good. The first stage is a easier (not easy) us-vs-them. Then it becomes a three-sided free-for-all that allows for the run and hide tactic.
Investment chat

Everyone being stuck at home means everyone has ample time to chat about things they can do while stuck at home.

August 21

[Above vid]
Which one of those is Chris? Zac
Boomer who WSB LARPs.
Kinda want to be theta gang.
Y'all are weird Kevin
How's Vacaville houses?
Ty and Zac?
Also, Chris, I didn't put 2k in, but did go ahead and buy a little of everything you mentioned except the bet on volatility because I don't know how to do that and SLV and ERIC are down today
But RKT is covering those losses. So you have made about 30 bucks
What's the list of purchases? Santos
Hold on, I know Quicken, but not the other two Santos
Silver and Ericsson Ryan
I thought you were the one talking up silver, not Chris Santos
No, it was Chris Ryan
Also, the crazy dude at the campground
Good luck Santos
Remember to sell options to hedge
That's what Chris says the really wealthy do
So if you do it, you're really wealthy by Chris's own definition.

August 22

[Rocket emoji][Soon emoji][Moon emoji]
Man, good thing I got on that on Friday Kevin
I probably should have bought more than 20 shares Ryan
Yeah I got 100. Gonna be a millionaire Kevin

August 26

How come no one told me TSLA was going to be up another 5% today? Zac
Uhhh don't look at SalesForce.
I looked.
It's not even a meme stock.
I guess earnings mean a lot.
Earnings are overrated.
Remember when PHUN was worth like $9B?
Haha legendary pump and dump opportunity gone to waste.
Just saw NIO's market cap, it's like the whole Chinese economy to sell 10,000 cars.
NIO. Riding that to the moon. Kevin
Oh shit, you in on that?
Yup, ride or die by anything you put in this channel
Some of it is sarcastic.
But hey, you only yolo once.
Doesn't matter. If I have seen the symbol I am buying
SalesForce here I come. Hopefully its on the up and up
Uhhh it's up 25%.
Not a lot of room to grow...
Says the guy who didn't recommend to buy TSLA at $1000 Zac
Haha. I did hedge with calling it a meme stock.
Not the best financial hedge, but it makes me feel better.
Look if you didn't think I should buy it, then we shouldn't be talking about it Kevin
Active investing, six months in review

Theta Gang casino WallStreetBets investments casually explained

A brief summary of my adventures in etrade, or, How I Didn't Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the QE.


Let's start with the worst. Oil is back at like 40 or 50 I think - crude futures or whatever casuals trade the most. Just before that extreme dip (to negative prices and contracts being called) seemed like a great time to buy since demand for fuel and plastics isn't exactly disappearing. Having read enough to not want to take delivery of 1,000 crude barrels, I just went with that Barclay's ETN when it was at like $8. I didn't care if it went lower in the short term. Except I should have because the ETN was liquidated at like $3. Right strategy, wrong symbol. Diversify.

It hurt to the tune of like $4,000, but really hurt because it should have been - at worst - like being cash gang.

Thanks, Obama

I guess where we should have actually started was the stuff I had held for some or most of the last decade. Companies and sectors I had believed in: BCOSX, SMH, AMAGX, CSCO, and a few others. They were pretty good, but over that stretch you could make money in pretty much anything. SMH alone was $6,690.53 having gone from $40 in 2013 to $131 in 2020 (with dividends in between).

Inverses, never again(?)

Thanks to the F5 key, I was able to catch the beginning of the February/March madness. It was probably a good time for options trading, but I did inverses: DOG, DXD, SCC, SDS, SH, RWM, SPXS, QID. I timed some well, some poorly, and am probably down a couple percent overall on these. They're definitely not right for the kangaroo market but might be worth options plays in a few months.

Day trading

With all of the covid pharma news, stocks in that sector were pretty volatile. Hitting f5 on, I rode one (ENZ) for a 10% gain from testing the waters with $1,000. With enough time and limit orders, this could be a thing, but as they say, ain't nobody got time for that.


I've still only done the most basic (single leg) options trading - I think I need to do paper trading to get the hang of spreads. That also means I'm not buying more than a handful of contracts. Options have been a mixed bag due to being bearish during the V-shaped recovery (that simply must be a 'V\' recovery). Puts on BJK, CZR, and IYR expired worthless. A NKLA earnings put salvaged a modest 30% - again we're talking like $50 gains here.

Calls have been pretty good, SNE (120%), ERIC (100%), TWTR (300%).

It's more fantasy football than investments with these.

Finaly, boomer- er, bonds

I feel like an idiot for having held so much money in a savings account for years. Also I feel like an idiot for having done all of the above stuff when trading bonds has comprehensively been better for me.

And yeah, trading them, not simply holding them for 5% every six months. I mean, I have a bunch of those, but then there's:
Most of these were low-coupon and still risky enough to make it worthwhile to cash out. Also in there was a CA muni that made similar money and one that was called and lost $250.

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High/low country

Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood, Barotrauma submarine design, Divinity, and some summer things.

Plenty to do

Pandemic activities: trading, gaming, and coding.


Omicron spikes but this could be a good thing, static web things, the gang plays Lunch Lady, and my wheel trading report card.

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