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Stonks meme draft Derek Carr fantasy football

It's a season of upheaval - there's the rona, protests, the Raiders moved from San Fierro to Las Venturas, and I've lost and added a league (RIP bizarro). It seemed like a good time to refresh my team names and graphics, stick to the greedydraft principle, but take some hints from the 2020 NFL draft.
Medieval Gridiron: d'san andreas da bears

Fantasy football avatar California bear 40 Zuck GB Texas Hortler Arizona Grove Street Raiders

Position Player Round Info
QB Deshaun Watson 3 I was thinking of taking a low-rated QB with upside (Cam, Carr, Lock), but Deshaun was too hard to pass up.
RB Dalvin Cook 1 My keeper choice was between Cook (1st) and Wilson (4th). Here's hoping he has another good year. Naturally, after choosing a first round keeper, RNGesus awarded me first overall.
RB Mark Ingram 4 There weren't a lot of running backs left, hopefully everyone's too concerned with Lamar to worry about stopping Ingram.
WR Robby Anderson 7 I waited on receivers this year, hoping to roll the dice with a few rookies and hope that one hits. Robby isn't a rookie, but a fast receiver who is finally not on the Jets.
WR Henry Ruggs 9 First dice roll. With Tyrell on IR, he's the downfield guy (vs Waller and Renfrow).
TE Travis Kelce 2 Greedydraft said the floor for TEs is pretty low so I reluctantly pulled the trigger in the second round.
FLEX/RB Antonio Gibson 5 Hard to be optimistic about a RB on a bad team, but sometimes rookies break out.
D/ST San Francisco 8 Greedydraft said a good defense is worth a lot of points. The 9ers have that as well as an offense that can grind out drives.
K Harrison Butker 6 He worked out great last year, averaging 2.3 more ppg than the #12 kicker. In contrast, the #12-#24 RB averaged 1.1 additional points.
Bench/WR CeeDee Lamb 10 I got him in back-to-back picks with Ruggs and obviously had to choose the Raiders WR first. Fast, young receiver, passing team.
Bench/WR Mecole Hardman 11 We'll see what KC's offense looks like.
Bench/RB Damien Harris 13 It's always tough to know how a NE RB situation is going to play out.
Bench/Def New England 12 With the 9ers, I probably don't need another defense. Playing the matchups and not having to hit the wire is nice though.
Password is Taco: Covid-20

Fantasy football avatar coronavirus football

Position Player Round Info
QB Aaron Rodgers 10 I went RB heavy in this league, deciding to get Lock or Carr or whoever was left at quarterback. Rodgers in the 10th isn't too bad.
RB Dalvin Cook 1 I hate going too heavy on one player, but I didn't like the alternatives.
RB Josh Jacobs 2 He was great last year, not a bad RB2 to have.
WR Calvin Ridley 6 I also went with the WR dice roll strategy in this league. Here I went with Ridley, hoping Matt Ryan's even/odd year trend holds.
WR CeeDee Lamb 11 Lauren swooped on Ruggs - who I would favor simply for having less competition - but Lamb may prove to be the better choice.
TE Mark Andrews 4 Another of the rare high-scoring TE choices.
FLEX/RB Jonathan Taylor 3 Running backs in the first three rounds. A rookie with an old-timer QB should get fed.
D/ST San Francisco 7 Same same.
K Harrison Butker 5 Yup. I want to believe kickers and defenses are pretty safe bets.
Bench/TE Darren Waller 8 I don't know why I drafted a second tight end. He can play in the flex spot and cover the possibility that Andrews gets covid/injured/whatever. Perhaps I'm just eternally hopeful that the Raiders break out (which is how the NFL scriptwriters normally handle teams with new stadiums).
Bench/RB Kerryon Johnson 9 With Swift nursing a leg injury, Kerryon has a temporary spot on the bench.
Bench/WR Jerry Jeudy 12 The third of my rookie WR prospects. Lock had some good games last year, so he may work out.
Bench/RB Chris Thompson 13 Sounds like he's the RB1 with Fournette gone. Maybe he's a solid 7 ppg RB that I can trade to a team that caught an early-season injury.
Bench/WR Robby Anderson 14 I really wasn't creative this year. Hey, at least Yahoo says I got him way after ADP!
Bench/RB Darrel Williams 15 Nothing wrong with taking the #2 RB on the Super Bowl champions in case something doesn't work out with their #1.
Siren: Dominicas

Position Player Round Info
QB Patrick Mahomes 2 Greedydraft had Lamar and Mahomes in a league of their own, I happily took the SB champion in the second round.
RB Dalvin Cook 1 I hate going too heavy on one player, but I didn't like the alternatives.
RB Mark Ingram 5 I hate going too heavy on two players, but I didn't like the alternatives.
WR JuJu Smith-Schuster 4 Hopefully Roethlisberger gets some protection this year and can go back to throwing bombs to JuJu. Drafting a WR this early feels kind of weird.
WR Henry Ruggs 10 AC/DC << Carr Rugg
TE Mark Andrews 3 Gotta make sure the TE position pays.
FLEX/RB Antonio Gibson 8 A rookie RB1 in the 8th isn't a bad pickup.
D/ST San Francisco 7 Please don't be terrible.
K Harrison Butker 6 Please don't get covid.
Bench/RB Adrian Peterson 9 At the time of the draft, Peterson and Gibson were handcuffs. I guess I should keep AP to see how things work out in Detroit. I'm not expecting well.
Bench/WR CeeDee Lamb 11 Does Dak really have a better place to throw the ball?
Bench/RB LeSean McCoy 12 I expect/hope that TB is a total shitshow. But if chaos is a ladder, maybe McCoy climbs it back to greatness.
Bench/Def New Orleans 13 A much-improved defense with a methodical offense - worth having as an option for when SF plays in Seattle.
Bench/RB Damien Harris 14 In this league I have the RB depth to bide my time and see how this situation works out.
Bench/WR Robby Anderson 15 Please Robby make me look like a 3x genius.
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