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Henry Ruggs III diving touchdown Panthers

Pretty fun football this weekend. I have to agree with Rich Gannon however, the fake crowd noise is just silly.

Week 1 went well so I'll post about it, but with some commentary about having drafted TE/DEF/K earlier than most.

I just need Gallup and Conner to total fewer than 45 points. Ingram... what the heck? Robby paid off with a big TD catch and with Bridgewater looking pretty good, I'm hopeful he's good for 12-point games most week. Based on targets and speed, Ruggs looks like he might work out as an WR2/flex.
Prater had a great day, but Butker almost kept pace. Having a great TE and defense I think amounted to more than a few deep flex picks.

Squeezing a few points here and there didn't make so much of a difference in Password is Taco. Pretty much everyone on Covid-20 went off, and that was with Robby on the bench.
SF botched their game and may not be the top defense after all, but the difference between a good and mediocre TE/K really shows here.

A 25-point lead normally looks good, but with Derrick Henry still to play, I'm hoping JuJu can put a few points on the board.
Andrews is in his own class. If the rest of the season plays out like week one, +20 points per game between the three sleeper positions should validate the VAR strategy.

... not that Yahoo buys it...


Medieval Gridiron d'san andreas da bears 110.9 - 72.5 Danville Isotopes
Password Is Taco Covid-20 155.66 - 78.36 Black Cat Cowboys
Siren Fantasy Football Dominicas 136.34 - 107.50 TeamNeverSkipLegDay

Nioh demon

Having finished Divinity, J and I moved to Nioh - the souls-like game with good co-op support.

The protagonist is a British samurai who travels to Japan and fights all manner of creatures while two houses feud.

Nioh onsen with a buddy

Like I said, you can co-op pretty much everything, including refreshing breaks in the onsen. Since enemies most often select one target at a time, 2v1s can make a world of difference in combat.

Nioh equipment inventory

Nioh has pretty substantial inventory/equipment/skill system that allows you to tinker and customize.

Nioh cyclops

The cerebral menu aspect is balanced by a twitch skill combat mechanic that includes attacks, blocking, dodging, and even fighter-like combos.

Nioh bow ranged weapons

Ranged attacks with bows and muskets allow eagle-eyed players to traverse parts of levels without entering melee combat range. That said, most enemies spend their spare time camping behind walls and on ceilings, waiting for the unwary to pass through without their guard up.

Nioh Umi Bozu boss battle glowing eyes

Ultimately, most levels end with a unique and challenging boss that has you replaying the level to have a second crack at them.

thumbnail Nioh combat thumbnail Nioh Edward Kelley burning building thumbnail Nioh rabbit girl thumbnail Nioh Edward Kelley spirit
thumbnail Nioh Edward Kelley many graves
thumbnail Nioh Edward Kelley cave thumbnail Nioh house plot development thumbnail Nioh tentacle monster combat boss
thumbnail Nioh Edward Kelley combat night
thumbnail Nioh Kato spirit animal thumbnail Nioh Edward Kelley raining flying spirit

I'm still working at what is a surprisingly-long TLOU2 campaign.

The Last of Us Pt 2 giraffes heavy handed symbolism Abby

It's a lot of Abby, who seems to have had every opportunity to not be a terrible person. The Abby = Ellie thing keeps getting driven home.

The Last of Us 2 Abby flashback The Last of Us 2 random archer kid The Last of Us 2 Abby hung scar The Last of Us 2 Abby aquarium whale

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