Storypost | 2022.12.31

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 setup living room fire Christmas tree

After four eightish-hour sessions, we finished Pandemic Legacy Season 0. Immediately below are our final characters with some build commentary and asset/scar spoilers. After that there's some late game info but no plot spoilers.

Brazil the mover, Europa the infiltrator

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity medical coordinator Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity plastics technician Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity collective manager

Brazil, named by Mark after a squad inside joke, was the MVP. Ally movement is insanely useful in S0:
The Dr. Robert asset and a visa to his city meant Brazil could hang out in Baghdad and chessmaster the rest of the squad while sniping adjacent agents. Banking actions with Dr. Robert then became extremely useful when the game introduced the infiltrator mechanic. Brazil could switch over to Europa and gain two more actions for roaming enemy compounds. The only way to have improved this would have been to assign a particular city to Dr. Robert.

Starla the assembler

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity hospital administrator Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity electrician Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity first politburo assistant

I think Chase named Starla based on her eyewear? Her job is the most difficult thing in S0: assembling teams (in time for them to complete the objective). She got some light cleanup buffs while collecting cards from the draw and discard pile. Since team assembly is necessary for every mechanic (and has the bonus of enemy agent mop up), Starla was critical all twelve months. Alicia Electricia and Poutine Canyada were pretty useless.

Sylens the Builder, Varl the medic

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity clinic planner gunbrella Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity aluminum salesperson Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity red army doctor

Derrick was playing Horizon so he named the Clinic Planner Sylens and kept it going with Zo and Varl. Tracking Device is pretty darn useful and, in retrospect, would have been good for Starla. Since building safehouses is more of an early-year mechanic, we used the Varl identity a lot more.

Coop the giver, Comrade Coop the cleaner

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity research assistant Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity cargo pilot Pandemic Legacy Season 0 identity street cleaner

Since your (game lore) CIA trainer is John Cooper (call him "Coop") I named my character John "Coop" Cooper. His ability to funnel cards to Starla for team assembly was useful. Ivan Coopski (call him "Comrade Coop") then became our primary neutralizer of enemy agents. The Street Cleaner ability (often combined with Brazil's relocation ability) saved our hides in those games where we couldn't eliminate enemy agents fast enough.

Side note: the Coordinator + Street Cleaner combo only works on the destination city, not the two you pass through. It's still awesome though.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 final calendar

We managed an exemplary rating though for most months we just scraped by. Decking (or almost) the player cards was pretty common, we also had months where we exhausted the enemy agent or incident token supply.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 PEARL compound board
That's a lot of infiltration.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 sticker collage

The leftover stickers are great for a two year old; Danielle and I made a collage.

The squad (Unnatural Ones, Brogue Squadron, etc.) still has a few Gloomhaven scenarios left before moving to Aeon's End Legacy, Frosthaven, or ???

Aeons End Legacy chapters Frosthaven box bananagram for scale



We decided to go to NorCal for xmas this year.

Fog door

A birthday party, wood oil, board games, video games, and other stuff.

Not looking back

Pandemic Season 0, Zinsco breaker replacement, robots shooting basketballs, and the Blyatskrieg grinds on.