Storypost | 2023.11.17

Scooters Park Presidio San Francisco

Zac and Erin hosted Friendsgiving this year, San Francisco rolled out the blue skies.

Popeyes turkey oven Thanksgiving Bouncy castle

We've grown lazier/more efficient over the years; rather than prepare a turkey, we ordered one from Popeye's and heated it. It was not bad at all. The covid-purchase castle bounce was a big hit with the kids, Zac's garage was a big hit with the dads.

Waymo taxi passengering
Of course Kevin called out what the Waymo was doing play-by-play. Almost like he was... driving.

Speaking of lazy, the Bay Area crew is completely in love with robotaxis, both for the convenience and for the drama surrounding Cruise's meltdown. I used the opportunity to rant endlessly about how self-driving cars are a solution looking for a problem and that you simply can't (yet) code or train an algorithm to fully understand the context of a situation on the road. They were having none of it. The car didn't have to decide between running into a trolley with 20 people or swerving to run into a trolley with 10 people so the matter was left unsettled.

SFO star concourse Airplane safety information card Southwest Instant coffee maker
Board games

Aeons End Legacy Maelstrom battle Aeons End Legacy final score chart spoiler

The board game crew stumbled into a final chapter victory over stupid Xaxos in Aeon's End Legacy. Maelstrom obliterated us twice in a row and we chuckled as the lore just inserted "and then all your friends appeared and saved the day". It was worth playing but it won't be at the top of my list of legacy games. Say, I should make a ranked list of legacy games.

Heat Pedal to the Metal Gavin923
Source. From BGG user Gavin923.

We're not quite ready for Frosthaven so we're going to play a season of Heat: Pedal to the Metal. As a motorsports enthusiast I certify that the game mechanics are pretty good and eager to see what asymmetry does to things.



Fall means pumpkin patches and relatively empty beaches and zoos. It's also good for board and video games.


Hurricane Hilary, scuba, and leisure.


A family-friendly winery, a ballgame, and a weekend trip.