Storypost | 2023.08.21

Scuba dive boat Odyssea diving

We went to water, water came to us - a quick roundup of the last few weeks.

The Simpsons The Hurricane Simpsons newspaper Springfield Shopper hurricane Consuela

The weekend's big news was hurricane Hilary making landfall (as a tropical storm) in Southern California.

Hurricane Hilary path projection Saturday Hurricane Hilary radar Sunday 20th 0630

News and weather apps had a lot of colorful maps that were unfamiliar to most people around these parts.

Jes had a girls' night out planned for the evening before. One of the attendees asked her to make hurricanes, not realizing that three years earlier our quarantinis had elevated covid from "over in a week" to "multiyear global pandemic".

Rain gutter Gecko

While the inland empire had some flash flooding, the coast just experienced a full day of heavy drizzle.


Pith hat snorkel mask Hurricane Hilary Cardiff ocean

It was my turn to lead the beer exploration. Wanting to go coastal, we hit a couple spots in Cardiff.
Boat dive

Scuba dive Odyssea San Diego bean bags harbor

Cooley set us up with a boat dive with Odyssea Diving. It was a very different experience from vacation dives with crowded boats, bad divers, and endless pre-dive briefings. Plus they had bean bags on the deck.

We went to two spots off of Bird Rock. The water was warm and the vis was good (well, relatively). The biggest disappointment was that High Dive's burger patties are nearly inedible after so many years of being the best burgers in the county.

Odyssea dive boat gear Scuba dive underwater kelp High Dive bar San Diego menu patio

(Most of these photos are either from Derrick or Shane.)
Fun and games

pool Media room sonic the hedgehog ps5

For Dani, the non-hurricane weekends have featured swim time, 'daddy games', and yard play.

Clank Legacy

Clank Legacy Cauphinaria Distortion Cat Clank Legacy board cards overworld

The board game crew started Clank Legacy back in June. We've now been to both sides of the board and put the vast majority of map stickers down. A few thoughts:

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Fall means pumpkin patches and relatively empty beaches and zoos. It's also good for board and video games.


A short trip to Catalina Island.

Bons voyages

A few short trips and wondering why something isn't a thing.

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