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Airplane child southwest

Tonight on Petite Tour:

Unfathomable board game amogus

Since Corey is moving away the board game crew got together for a bon voyage session. We chose a travel-oriented game Unfathomable, which is basically Among Us + Arkham Horror set aboard a Titanic-era steamship.

The passenger ship - probably named Unfathomable but I didn't check - is crossing the Atlantic besieged by two oceanic elder gods and their tentacled minions. The creatures of the deep climb aboard the ship and try to kill passengers and crew (both players and NPCs) and damage compartments (bridge, medbay, engine room, etc.). Running out of people or pieces of ship is a failure condition, as is depleting food, fuel, and sanity. The creatures are easy enough to kill but they spawn regularly.

So it's a lot like Arkham Horror's spawn gate whackamole but things don't explode quite as readily. Players/abilities/items are similarly like Arkham Horror - everyone has lore, a special action, and one or more items.

After each player turn, the creatures and/or elder gods move and the ship sometimes progresses toward its destination. There's also a global crisis to resolve via players secretly donating their plentiful skill cards to hit a required point value. If the crisis is not averted, something bad happens, like ship damage, creature spawns, or the depletion of resources.

And here's where the amogus element comes in: there is at least one traitor who wins if the ship never makes it to Boston. Traitor roles are secretly assigned at the start of the voyage and the midpoint (so players might change sides). Traitors can sabotage the ship in secret and eventually declare themselves allied with the elder gods. Once the big reveal happens the traitor rules change so that they're less powerful but also less susceptible to the actions of the human players.

The traitor mechanic is fun and tactical, but probably hard to pace on your first playthrough. Our traitors both drew their roles at the journey midpoint, so they didn't have a lot of time to act. Still, we sailed into harbor with a couple damaged ship compartments and creatures of the deep all over the place. The mechanic of announcing your traitordom is also unpredictable. One of our traitors was basically forced to announce when he had a very obvious turn to play (saving colocated passengers). He could have saved the passengers and remained in hiding, but the mid-journey role change put him - er, it - on the clock. Our other traitor kept his fishy secret until the last round but was guessed to be the turncoat simply because he took the least valorous actions (such as donating cards to save allies).

The reason I didn't love Unfathomable more is this: Arkham Horror-like survival games pit a co-op group against an unrelenting enemy. It requires teamwork and luck to succeed against the odds or, more likely, fail spectacularly. Unfathomable feels like Arkham Horror, but the sense of interdependence and camaraderie turns from asset to liability. To be fair, Unfathomable is a different game and should play like a different game, but having played a couple Arkham Horror versions and the snow zombie game and some others, I can't shake that mindset.

Clank Legacy character Proposition Joe

Elsewhere, the people remaining in town have started Clank Legacy. The core game is a deckbuilder with geography (as in, move actions and location-dependent things). The game is lored around basically being Bilbo's expedition in The Hobbit. We're halfway through the prologue and I'm liking the gameplay, the entrepreneural theme and card flavor texts are amazing.

Napa Oxbow market deli soft serve

We took a trip up to Napa to see Great Grandma. Ted and Chrissy, Rob and Hayley, and Dad also stopped by.

thumbnail Tannery Bend Beerworks Napa Google maps thumbnail Sacramento airport smf bridge Southwest thumbnail Norma Schwarzkopf autobiography
thumbnail Napa River hotel balcony
thumbnail Sloth airport messaging thumbnail Playground tunnel Napa
New York

Jeff sent some pics from New York a few weeks ago.

What's for lunch? Derrick
Pajamas. [Ed: wfh day]
I had that for lunch three days in a row. [Ed: D had been sick]
I'm in NY so that's up to y'all! Jeff
Lollllll what a time to visit.
You have no idea.
I mean, I was in SD for both wildfires and Paris for the Notre Dame fire so I know a little.
(What is an idiom anyway?)
Hmmm... you were there for SD AND Notre Dame fires?
Methinks Interpol might want to have a word.
Think people will give me an odd look if I try to order a Smokey Manhattan?

Rob suggested the meme that was on every San Diegan's mind:

SDHumor first time meme wildfires New York San Diego
Safari Park and a Tesla

San Diego Safari Park Wgasa tram giraffes

We took Dani to the safari park. The lion and okapis were a big hit.

Hertz Priceline Tesla rental San Diego Safari Park lion

The trip gave me a chance to try out the Model 3 we rented while Jes's car is in the shop. And yeah, I was a little surprised to see that Hertz was renting Teslas and they weren't one of the max upgrade options.

Since this was my first time really driving a Tesla, so here's my review.
In summary, the Tesla 3 is not for me, but I like some of what they're doing and wouldn't hate it if Jes bought one.

Cybertruck in n out dazzle camouflage
Least necessary dazzle camouflage ever, well played.

Donut Pith hat exploration Ataraxia Aleworks San Diego tap list

This month's GBES event happened to be on Father's Day. So I basically went from breakfast in bed to Ataraxia Aleworks where they were pouring such beers as Pale McPaleface and Harambe. We watched F1 and golf and ordered some grub from Dumpling Inn.
Yard and pool

Fallen flowers from bush Raking

We're still moving dirt around on the upper terrace. Far below, the pool is being prepped for fiberglass.
Solar 2.0

Pool solar pump maybe shitty paint diagram
Left to right: deck, pool, trees, sun.

Years ago I ripped out a (water-)leaky gas heater that had served one or two February pool parties. With the fiberglass resurfacing ongoing, I thought a bit about increasing pool usability (warmth). Here's the sitch:
The traditional pool approach is to connect solar heaters in line with the pump and filter. I had a small solar grid on the pumphouse, but it suffered from the same shade issue. Since my house/roof is fifty feet from the pump, moving water up there isn't ideal.

Having replaced most of my pool equipment at some time, I am sensitive to the economics and wear/tear. If I can, I want to minimize load on my six-hours-per-day mission critical pump, so asking it to also push water up and through solar isn't ideal. Indeed, my recollection is that some friends' new pool installations have a variety of pumps and water circuits. The traditional approach also means you have to run the filter pump during the day so the sun can heat the circulating water. Midday pool filtering has gotten quite a bit more expensive in recent years.

The other traditional approach is to get a ton of photovoltaic solar panels and just not worry about the utility bill ever again. That's my backup plan, but the last few years have validated my early skepticism about how solar adopters would be treated. The latest hit was AB 2316 which I agree with in large part (since $12/month doesn't cover the grid), but it's a huge shock for solar people.

What about

Pool solar pump maybe shitty paint diagram
Pump pulls cold water through solar heaters mounted on the deck railing.

Since we've established that solar pool heating requires sunlight and solar panels require sunlight, what if photovoltaic panels powered a separate, heating-only pump? I haven't seen this anywhere, so clearly a solar pump can't pull water up eight feet?

baloydi How do I create a solar pump setup without battery? I want a direct setup from the panel to the pump. Which means my setup only works when there is sun light availabe.

What materials should i use?

I will be using the smallest 12V water pump.

Amazon and Google suck

The internet was pretty dry. Google's top link was Amazon advertising an off grid water pump in womens shops. There was a time that posting somewhere like Reddit's /r/diy would be an option. The astroturfy-sounding 'diysolarforum' seemed to have legitimate amateur content, the question above was more or less what I was looking for. Responses included:

i've been using one of these for 7 months. Good customer support, easy installation into a well (drilled by someone else).

Abodyofscience 10w will get you 1 GPM to a height of 16' or 2 at 8'. Maybe.

Ah, solar pumps for wells. That's way more than eight feet. And it looks like one batteryless design is to pull water into a cistern during the sunlight hours. If I could use that design to pull water into a solar heating grid, I'd have ten hours of heating per day. I looked at some of the sites.

- Battery less operation
- Variable Frequency drive incorporated for smooth operation even during minimum sunlight
- Transformer less design makes the product smaller in size and also cost effective
- Can be installed to the required load of pumps upto 15KW (15hp).

Some of the most popular applications are:
- Drinking water supply for small habitations
- Horticulture farms, orchards, vineyards, gardens and nurseries

They're in India, so maybe not viable here, but 15hp is like 15x what is used in pools. The other place, RPS, was a bit closer to home and had some diagrams that matched my MSPaint aesthetic:

RPS solar diagram

I believe they listed both submerged and aboveground pump applications, I'd need the latter. I'm not sure how priming would work, but I imagine there is a solution. I think I don't care about the flow rate much?

I will noodle on this more and @ Erik.

Solar pump questionnaire RPS solar pump river diagram

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