Storypost | 2023.10.25

Clank Legacy figurines Merchants Tome

A little bit of fresh air and some stale office air.
Autumn activities

Beach Fletchers Cove Solana Beach low tide cloudy Oktoberfest liter Arm covered in childrens stickers

Derrick organized a Pizza Port trip, Jeff organized an oktoberfest GBES outing, and Dani got some new stickers. Then Mom came down and we hit a pumpkin patch and the zoo.

thumbnail Goats thumbnail Carousel thumbnail Corn maze
thumbnail Otters zoo
thumbnail Goat eating food bowl thumbnail Big lizard zoo
Clank Legacy -> Aeon's End Legacy

Clank Legacy Employee of the Month board

The board game crew wrapped up a very fun and story-rich Clank Legacy campaign. Through a combination of being in the right place at the right time and always getting back to or near the inn, my character Proposition Joe pulled Employee of the Month honors.

Aeons End Legacy archer crystals spark

We've gotten our asses handed to us at the non-legacy Aeon's end a time or two, this one is similar in that regard. The legacy elements provide some customization and team compositioning, as you might imagine. It's not as impressive as Clank but deckbuilding is fun, even if it has the XCOM/Pandemic feeling of barely treading water.

Baldurs Gate 3 Last Light Inn Isobel Baldurs Gate 3 winged horrors Last Light Inn Baldurs Gate 3 winged horrors Last Light Inn Astarion crossbow Baldurs Gate 3 Last Light Inn strange ox

I haven't gotten much PC gaming in aside from a few Gunfire runs with J (nightmare mode unlocked). I saved a lady and talked to a cow at Last Light Inn then snuck around Moonrise Towers when I think I just need to talk to the dude. I was pleased to find that the smoke bomb ability won't aggro NPCs (sometimes?) and allows you to have temporary invsibility.

Payday 3 stealing paintings Greg Jud Payday 3 stealing paintings plasma cutter Payday 3 bank heist street battle Payday 3 bank heist vault overkill weapon

And the lolbaters squad stole some paintings and didn't survive a bank heist.



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