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Ducati North America email MotoGP sport tourer wtf Multistrada V4

I must start by conceding I absolutely loathe that phrase and the bastardization of 'literally' but I can't think of a better response to "introducing our MotoGP-derived sport tourer". I assume they're just referring to the move to V4 and maybe some sportier suspension but, like, a MotoGP-derived Multistrada? Not only does Ducati make a dozen other bikes where track tuning is actually appealing but there are a dozen not-MotoGP racing formats that are what the Multistrada was designed for.

Are the targeting the demographic that's too tall for a Panigale but prefers the sportbike aesthetic?

I look forward to Mercedes's Formula 1-derived Sprinter and Toyota's WRC-inspired Sienna.

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