Storypost | 2023.07.16

Gold Creek Pond Washington dog golden fetch swimming

We flew up to Washington to visit Jon and Tori and Jack and Pepper.

SeaTac airport terminal jetbridge

The flight was almost completely uneventful. Leaving in the evening was a refreshing change from all of our recent early departures.

Backyard chickens Radish petting Putting sunglasses on a Rody horse Marination Ma Kai Seattle patio donut

Since our last Seattle visit to dogsit Pepper, Jon and Tori added chickens, Rody, and also Jack.

Snoqualmie Falls river dog golden retriever swimming Snoqualmie Falls river swimming rocks

On the drive up we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls. The overlook was neat but it was even better to hike down and get our feet/paws wet.

Cabin Ronald Washington forest dog Cle Elum lake Washington dog golden

The cabin was spacious and well-appointed, situated halfway between the lake and the tiny town of Ronald (next to the slightly larger town of Roslyn). Cle Elum lake was scenic but for our sole 2pm visit it was subject to a constant driving wind. Danielle, Jon, and Pepper didn't mind, they happily got in the water where the wind wasn't espcially windy. Before we left we got an impressive Chinook flyover.

Wind quote of the day went to:

DanielleDanielle I'm eating air!

Gold Creek Pond Washington view mountains Gold Creek Pond Washington view

After two nights, a trip to Dru Bru brewery, and one bear, we headed back to the city, stopping briefly at Gold Creek Pond. This water was clearer and colder than Cle Elum, so only Pepper went in. We got an F-18 flyover that was rather loud.

Deck bubbles



Flew out on United, landed at five local time. It's amazing how pleasant a flight can be with DS, an mp3 player, and copy of MC with twelve articles about the new Gizzixer. Mom, brother, and I ate at Coconuts. It wasn't bad, but a bit pricey/touristy.

Thursday: Bacharach - Burg Eltz

A day trip to Burg Eltz from Bacharach.


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