Storypost | 2023.05.15

NOFX final tour San Diego VIP pit

Scotty and Sophie came to town for the NOFX farewell show. I quite enjoyed seeing live music again, the first time since January 2020.

NOFX final tour San Diego lineup NOFX final tour Vandals stage San Diego NOFX final tour San Diego after show stage
New entry door

Escon fiberglass door 42 inch FC 566 516 cherry woodgrain rosewood Escon FC 566 516 cherry woodgrain rosewood door installed sidelight

We finally replaced our sticky, floral, ancient entry door. The 42" single door (with sidelight) is a big improvement on the 30" double door. The new trim is thinner so we have some drywall and stucco touchup to do, but we're very happy with the outcome.

Land Motorcycles District Standard seafoam green

KO has been investigating electric motorbikes and rally-look Subarus (namely CrossTreks).

Search results Subaru Crosstrek rally Subaru STI catalog models

In my day, I'd grab the STI (or RalliArt or TRD or Nismo...) catalog and hit ebay. Apparently the Crosstrek has neither STI parts nor a wealth of aftermarket options. A search for rally CrossTreks doesn't have a lot to look at and, well, the few real rally cars aren't especially ostentatious. But I stumbled upon a rally-look Crosstrek in a parking garage:

Subaru Crosstrek rally look front Subaru Crosstrek rally look rear

Let's evaluate:
The kilroy recommendations:
Sure you could do a roll cage and carbon body panels but that can get a little pricey.

AI generated person who looks like a potato

Zac used Midjourney to generate an avatar for RyanButBetter. He's even reading a potato magazine. I updated my imagery from that weird cyber potato.
Raking and shoveling

Dog Watching grass ungrow Wheelbarrow ride

Weekends have mostly been yardwork - preparing to landscape the upper terrace. Dani saw a wheelbarrow full of dirt and characteristically said, "I could ride that". So the evolution of child transport continues:
  1. Wrap/front carrier
  2. Backpack
  3. Shoulders
  4. Wheelbarrow
Gloomhaven (tabletop) fin

Gloomhaven secret character figure

After nearly five years, The Unnatural Ones finished the last of our Gloomhaven quests.



93 til 23 and still going.

Crisis averted

Spoilery roundoup of Pandemic Legacy Season 0.


Quick bites (quibis) about NVDA, wheelbarrow adventures, and some games.