Review | 2014.10.05

Footgolf argyle

This past weekend League of Sport did footgolf at the Welk Country Club. $15 for green fees, $16 for carts. The argyle was very strong with us.

Footgolf dirt chip bunker golf cart

The course was fairly nice and none of the holes were particularly straightforward. A couple of them span an empty aqueduct. Three minor gripes:
Still, a great time out and followed up with some tasty Stone.

Footgolf Welk golf course drive Footgolf Welk golf course putting
A few other things

San Diego parrot flock

About a dozen parrots hung out in my trees for a few days. No idea what became of them.

Bear Mountain party boat pontoon beer pong

Sam had a bachelor party.

Dog weimaraner cliff climbing

Kafka climbed some stuff.

Dog weimaraner baseball chewing grass