Storypost | 2017.02.28

Idaho plane flight window snow

Yep, from a snowpacked Idaho to a Bear Mountain with actual base to some apocalyptic La Nina SoCal rain, February had no lack of weather. Which is a boring way to say I've spent a ton of time indoors and thoroughly regretting going outside.

The Wire Omar comin

E.g. I finally started The Wire. Pretty good, like Law and Order meets Narcos with a little Tarantino.
The Gem State

Shooting range automatic M4 muzzle flash

As usual, there ain't much to do in IDA, particularly outdoors in winter. So that leaves shooting. This time around we did a fully m4 and a 20 rounds/second Glock 9.

Probably unsurprisingly, the Glock couldn't go through a full thirty-round mag without misfiring.

Shooting range automatic M4 muzzle flash

Karl Strauss tasting room Oregon Trail board game

J&T came down for an extended weekend. There were dumplings and tastings. We hiked down to Strauss for some bags and Oregon Trail. It's really not that great of a game - there's no variety and no way to win - but the first run or two were nostalgic.

Weimaraner dog park chase

Jon hunted for food, it didn't work out so well.

Oregon Trail board game headstones funny epitaphs

RIP everybody.

Super Bowl watch party Patriots Falcons

We still manage to make it to Brian's Super Bowl party.

Dog lick Running weimaraner Dogs exploring Dogs exploring iceplant

The frequent rainpocalypses have meant green trails that Kafka and Shar enjoyed very much.
Snow Summit

Ski lift empty Bear Mountain weather

Derrick and I took our annual ski trip, accompanied by Jes and Mark. As is tradition, we went with a weekday to avoid lines. As is semi-tradition, it snowed like crazy.

Bear Mountain drive road weather

Chains, in SoCal.

Everything was cold and wet, so the firepit was the most welcome post-ski sight...

8bit brewing Temecula 8bit brewing Temecula menu

... followed closely by the new (?) Eight Bit Brewery in Temecula. Definitely going to have to swing back up there when their game room opens.
Warframe BR13

Okay so I checked the boards and I am like rank 2,500 in a certain mission type. So that basically qualifies me to post hot tips on being a space ninja.

Simulor Sati argitox Riven mod market Warframe

Came across a Simulor riven mod in the bazaar. Not really all that appealing but I still haven't fully looked into the randomization element.

Warframe Mirage Synoid Simulor broken chat OP ItsViroking balls

That said, I guess there's a movement against the Mirage/Simulor combination. That said, after the above complaint I just posted up with the Mirage/Kulstar combination and wrecked at least as hard. Haven't gotten any shade for using that configuration since, but it's not super popular so maybe it's a faux pas.

The Amprex is pretty solid for crowd control, with Nova, below 30 or so. I'm not sure what I'm missing but I can't seem to get it to be effective on Sortie parts 2 and 3. More formas I guess?

Remarkably, I met my first Warframe troll. It was pretty skillful actually, he was able to forcefully portal people in front of the Orokin defense lasers and drop them. Once I caught on it wasn't too hard to avoid, but it was not easy to get back at him, except for letting the mission fail.

Warframe snowy peak Warframe Warframe

On the minus side, DE delivered a quest that was... agony.
Hard to fault any free DLC, but dang, this one tested the limits.

J and I did a sortie defense mission. One Nova and three Frosts. Snow globes. Snow globes everywhere.

thumbnail Warframe mirage sphere thumbnail Warframe Nyx Prime thumbnail Warframe Kulstar explody boi thumbnail Warframe Nova Prime monorail
thumbnail Warframe Nidus garden Trinity prime thumbnail Warframe Vauban Synoid Simulor

However you cut it, Warframe can be a very pretty game.

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