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Across the Obelisk burn Inigdoh

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Across the Obelisk

Across the Obelisk Ylmir tree guard card

Just when I thought I'd played all the Slay the Spire clones, Mark (or someone) mentioned that there was finally(?) a cooperative deckbuilder.

Let's start with the big question: does the genre work as a co-op game? Yes.

90% of hands are pretty straightforward (not uninteresting or untactical) and involve decisions that can be made on the fly, so the downtime between your hands is pretty minimal. There's an obvious exception: if your teammates have no attention span and are watching Pokimane or something between turns, everything slows down. So don't play with people who leave their phone on the table at a nice dinner.

On to the the 'regular' roguelike/deckbuilder elements.

Across the Obelisk void map

Usual stuff: map, paths, battles, loot, encounters, heals, boss, tentacle airship.

Across the Obelisk secret room map Senenthia
It's a secret to everyone.

Across the Obelisk events saving the treants

Encounters have the usual lore and involve dice rolls, skill checks, risks, and rewards.

Across the Obelisk town shops with callouts

Each map starts with a visit to town where two major currencies are exchanged for deck/equipment customizations. I quickly found that equippable items are the cornerstone of any build. E.g. the elf girl has a lot of cards that stack Sharpen (increase a damage type) but these are worthless in the late game without the item that provides bonus stacks.

Across the Obelisk town upgrades

Replayability (which was somewhat missing from the deckbuilders I played recently) comes in a few forms:
Across the Obelisk perks
I had played... a few times before I noticed that there are other perk tabs.

There are also perk points that allow persistent (but reassignable) character customization.

Across the Obelisk level traits Evelyn

Over the course of a run, you level your character and unlock powerful abilities that ideally complement your deck. These go away at the end of the run.

Across the Obelisk emberstorm

Combat isn't unlike other games of the genre; attacks, defenses, buffs, and ailments. There are some clever asymmetrical combinations, e.g. water buffs lightning damage, cold status both increases frost damage and slows.

Across the Obelisk battle insane dark fade barrier magic Across the Obelisk Ylmir bleed aoe attack Across the Obelisk swamp elemental proliferation spiders Across the Obelisk fire level demons goats
Shower cartridge swap

Moen moentrol valve shower assembly diagram

The master bathroom shower developed a slow leak (out of the showerhead with the handle in the off position). I disassembled the control to verify that the handle movement wasn't sticking.

Moen shower cartridge puller

The cartridge didn't come out easily, so I picked up the purposebuilt puller tool along with the replacement cartridge.

Moen shower old new cartridge 1200 comparison Moentrol 3320

The new one has more metal and less plastic. It also uses normal-looking seals rather than that weird halfpipe one. Oh yeah, when I first installed the new cartridge it leaked slowly out the front. I didn't have a good brush for the job, so I taped some sandpaper to a chopstick and scrubbed off the calcification inside the pipe (WD-40 helped). That worked.
PC component swap

Gaming computer wiring cabling Thermaltake sound card

And things kept breaking; my PC suffered a sudden loss of power one night. On subsequent boots it would die just as the fan was spinning up.

I went to swap in my older Corsair 650 power supply and found that the support rail on Steve's Thermaltake case prevented that. That is, it prevented removing the power supply without also removing the motherboard (or cpu/heat sink).

Fractal Design R5 ATX case side open hard drive bays

Since that was really annoying and the hard drive enclosures have started rattling, I decided to move to a Fractal Design R5. What did it for me was the great hard disk access that works well with my hard drive switch (for multi-boot).

Corsair RM750 power supply white

I bought a new 750W Corsair (since the old Corsair one was still going strong and the EVGA one died) in anticipation of a 3080 TI. I am hoping September throws the graphics card market into chaos.

Gloomhaven Nightshroud intro

I previous mapped out the scenarios required to complete my Quartermaster's retirement objective of completing three Lingering Swamp scenarios. There were two follow-on scenarios after that, but at last I retired my very Level 9 Quartermaster. Prepared Bee is succeeded by a Nightshroud called Shuriken.

Battle Mage Brewery tasters beer

I was really impressed by Battle Mage's Divine Light (with Pineapple) but disappointed that the canyon between Belching Beaver and Battle Mage was not traversable.

On the home front, Dani has been into stickers, cooking, and taking her stuffies onto the swing.

Battle Mage Brewery table conversation Wolf stuffy swinging Stickers Making waffles


SPX index CNBC August 31 2022 guh

The pullback is real and has featured some -2%+ days. Energy has been good, especially with Russia doing "extended maintenance" on their pipelines to Europe.

NumerousAd7185 NumerousAd7185 Jackson Hole to be renamed Jackson Prolapse

I've been bullish on NVDA, especially once the price corrected for the ARM deal falling through. But the hits keep coming.

Bull case for NVDA: they make great AI chips.
Bear case for NVDA: they make great AI chips.

Nvidia more or less held a monopoly on the desktop/workstation GPU market until AMD bought ATI and breathed new life into the Radeon. But they were too good and got ITARed.

PatrickSebastPatrickSebast Biden gonna forgive margin loans too right?

The indieweb

Indieweb rocketink thumbnail
I'm not sure if the crawler didn't load the dynamic content correctly or if the page is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Either way, this definitely has the Old Web aesthetic.

Rob sent another link to a blog stumbler, Marginalia. This one has thumbnails.

Current events

Following up on the Mar-a-lago news, the former president's request for a special master apparently prompted the DoJ to release some limited details of their investigation. /r/law had this take on the (knockoff) tweet shown above:

kiklion kiklion No representative was present. Therefore the only way he knows [the documents] were not found that way would be if he knew where the files were previously. Further he knows, and admits, they were in a carton.

Imagine, if you will, they had found cocaine in a bag in a dresser. This post is saying 'They did not find the cocaine on the ground! They found the cocaine in a dresser and put it on the ground for a photo!'

He could have said 'That cocaine was not there when we searched for it before!' Or 'We had no representative there so we believe the FBI planted it!'

But instead he said 'We have no idea what happened during the raid, as we had no representative present, but we know those illegal items were in a container and not spread around on the ground!'

The commentary has continued to be funny:
NYT cleared up some additional ambiguities:

New York Times Files or documents are not tossed around randomly, even though they might appear that way; they are usually splayed out so they can be separately identified by their markings. The ruler seen in the image is to give a sense of their size in relation to other objects.

One noteworthy element of the photograph, as the Justice Department pointed out in its filing yesterday, is that none of the folders bear a label or stamp indicating that Mr. Trump declassified them, as he has periodically claimed when asked about his retention of government materials requested by the National Archives. Documents that have been declassified typically contain explicit markings indicating the change.

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