Storypost | 2023.09.18

Baldurs Gate 3 Blood of Lathander mace reward
BG3: everyone is a bad guy, right?

Baldurs Gate 3 Rosymorn monastery roof eagle

I think I figured it out: no one in BG3 is sympathetic. Even the eagle - noblest of birds - is ill-tempered, particularly when my party pathfinds over her nest. Don't get me wrong, I like games that aren't all black and white, but since everyone's a zealot in BG3, I'm not sure I can stay neutral for long. (And not indecisive-neutral, more like I-distrust-all-of-you-neutral).

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The story-related NPCs are zealots, anyway. There are plenty of fun, quirky interactions when you take a branch out from the main path.

Is there such thing as a good (minor) spoiler?

Wizard of Oz illusion Baldurs Gate 3 Vlaakith

Let's talk about Vlaakith, the goddess of the Githyanki. When you kill one of her lieutenants she holograms in to threaten you/ask for you help. So, like, this is a Wizard of Oz thing, right? There are no actual gods in D&D, right?

Wrong. If you tell her to pleasantly 'gfy', you get insta-killed by a dialog box. And while the surprise is the most painful part, you also have to re-fight the lieutenant.

I like that in this game I have absolutely no idea what to expect from any scenario, but I also find myself with some cause-and-effect headscratchers.

Come in peace, go in blood

Archer rampage chemo Baldurs Gate 3 Creche Yllek guards ambush

This is the strategy so far:
Baldurs Gate 3 monastery gondola Rosymorn trail Baldurs Gate 3 zaithisk Baldurs Gate 3 astral plane

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Dani's favorite show is PJ Masks. Her favorite character is Gekko. But also Catboy. But also Armadylan. She's had the Catboy/Gekko/Owlette action figures since before any of us knew the show existed, but really wanted an Armadylan. Naturally, the Armadylan minifig was only made in like 2018. There were a lot of international stores listing him as sold out, one UK store claiming to have him in stock, a bunch of ebay listings for used Armadylans, and a single ebay seller with two new ones.
And the boys

Harland Ube milkshake IPA

We called a last minute audible for GBES, opting to meet at the more central Harland brewery in Scripps Ranch. They apparently had just thrown an event for their Ube Milkshake IPA but still had some left. Best purple beer I've ever had.

PUBG Battlegrounds glider sunset Erangel

The lolbate squad has gotten some drops in but are collectively excited for Payday 3.



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