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Killing Floor 2 screenshot body exploding entrails bigdevilgamer

Since Dying Light was just a bit too cerebral for two-day gamefest, J and I mixed in some Killing Floor 2.

In a way, it's a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead 2. It's a team-based zombie survival experience where if you go solo you will quickly die and doom your team.

Killing Floor 2 screenshot match overview bigdevilgamer RedScare21 killerofkatana ELFurreto

Where L4D2 had four awesome but ultimately identical characters (except for Ellis's .05% speed boost), KF2 has a dozen or so character classes. These levelable classes basically dicatate weapon choice; although you can purchase any weapon between rounds, your buffs affect just your weapon class. Of course, the leveling system just feels like a cheap way to give people objectives in an otherwise simple game.

Killing Floor 2 screenshot Eiffel Tower collapsing

... that is to say, it's an online store game in a flagship title's clothing. It looks and feels like a high dollar game, but the lack of gameplay variety brings you back down to earth.

Killing Floor 2 screenshot RPG reload bigdevilgamer

But the shooter mechanics are good and it's refreshing to have a game that emphasizes squad tactics. While I haven't played all that much of it, the tactics do seem to be fairly map-independent. In contrast, L4D2 had some iconic locations that needed to be understood to get through the level.

thumbnail Killing Floor 2 reload grenade launcher thumbnail Killing Floor 2 Nation of Texas Embassy thumbnail Killing Floor 2 do not want thumbnail Killing Floor 2 Biocola Taste the Hazard vending machine
thumbnail Killing Floor 2 reload rpg on fire

More Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshot computer Vetra PeeBee

Still breezing through playthrough two. Found a fun one when my hard drive was full and I couldn't download the latest update...

Maybe I'll walk around Kadara port, or-

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshot a patch is available incessant dialogue

Oh okay. Well I didn't need online features for this. So, thanks for telling me. Well, time to go to Havarl-

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshot A patch is available incessant dialogue

Um, yeah, you told me that. Mayble I'll go someplace else-

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshot A patch is available incessant dialogue

Yeah. The game felt obligated to remind me frequently that I needed a patch to use online features I wasn't using. THANKS EA!

thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda asari thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda kett chamber thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda salarian krogan thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee signal lava planet
thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee signal lava
thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda Peebee assault rifle thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda dropping guy thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda asari conversation
thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda biotic field
thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda drop ship thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda turian tree thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda angara pistol
thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda scourge ads The Valiant thumbnail Mass Effect Andromeda warp ability breacher

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