Storypost | 2017.07.22

Finished a few things this month, the first of which was a resurface job on the pool. It wasn't in bad shape, but since I'd drained it I figured I'd go ahead and apply a new layer of epoxy. The canopy made all of this considerably easier, although epoxy in an enclosed area has some disadvantages.
Dying Light

Dying Light screenshot crane Rais Extraction

The main game ended as you would expect, but the dlc was quite a surprise - a huge open world with... buggies:

Dying Light screenshot cherry bomb buggy

They're done up in the same way weapons are; they are upgradeable, customizable, and have to be frequently repaired. It's implemented pretty well though, things last long enough that you're not constantly foraging, but you probably don't have the materials to keep them in tip-top shape.

Driving is quite a lot of fun, it's like Dirt + GTA. The overworld probably hits the sweet spot of driveable/impassable terrain. That is, I run into trees occasionally, but also feel the rush of snaking through a forest when I should really be on a road.

Passenging is fun too, but it means you miss out on driver xp :( and sidearms really aren't great on the move.

Dying Light screenshot tree waterfall

There's a decent-length main quest and a few sidequests. Honestly I felt the map could have supported more game, but I'd rather it be underutilized than abused with fetch quests.

Dying Light screenshot Mother spooky zombie

The final mission is an abomination. I come from an era where there were no save points, but here having to redrive the entire map because a sketch parkour mechanic drops you off an i-beam... infuriating. Then there's an ultimate choice at the end. One would expect the decision doesn't matter and you have to fight the/a big boss regardless. Nope. Play along with the antagonist, kaboom, roll credits.

They threw in a couple semi-raid bosses. The combat in the game isn't particularly complex, so it's pretty much a straight fight against a lot of hp, but it's a neat change of pace with some useful rewards.

Clearing out hives isn't quite as challenging as it could be. But they're pretty striking, visually.

Couple of quick raids, some train cars and a compound of baddies:

It's over, it's done

Mass Effect Andromeda sunlight Angara

I finished out my second playthrough of Andromeda. I guess to sum it up, I don't regret playing the game, but I have no desire to pick it back up or try any dlc. It was a pretty cool experience, but fraught with crappy quests, development laziness, and moments of extremely atrocious dialogue. Pretty, though.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 screenshot carnival FIRSTBUSH

With Dying Light all cleared, J and I are doing some zombie slaying while we look for a new adventure.

Killing Floor 2 screenshot dungeon meat hooks
Persona 5

Persona 5 battle

Since the reviews have been rave, I thought I might give Persona 5 a go. Unfortunately they disable the ps4 screencap feature, because one of the most striking features of the game is the art style. The game is a series of cool ideas/features juxtaposed with tired ones:
In general Persona is pretty fun, the most compelling thing is that I really have no idea where the plot is going. I hope it's not just seven unrelated dungeons and a few minibosses.

Persona 5 helicopter city cinema
Board games

With summer travel, the board game group has switched up between:
Still shooting

I shot some birthday photos of Lil'J.